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Kelly Bennett, MD

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Kelly Bennett, MD

Dr. Kelly Bennett is an associate professor at the Texas Tech University Medical Center in Lubbock Texas, which provides services and training to the LGBTQ community. Dr. Bennett has worked to increase the treatment standards for LGBTQ people in her community. She is currently a part of the Texas Medical Association’s LGBTQ Health Workgroup, which has created workshops and continuing education courses for practitioners. 

Early Life and Education

Dr. Kelly Bennett was born in Abilene Texas and raised in Cleburne Texas. She also attended Abilene Christian University and Texas A&M College Station/Temple, eventually obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1991. Dr. Bennett completed her professional medical training through Texas Tech University Health and Science Center. 

Professional Career

Dr. Kelly Bennett provides essential and needed health care to the LGBTQ community in Lubbock Texas. Currently, there is a gap in practitioners that fully understand the struggles that are facing the LGBTQ community. In addition to a lack of trained LGBTQIA + friendly physicians, there is a large amount of bigotry and discrimination toward the community exhibited by physicians in Lubbock, Texas. In an article in the Texas Medicine magazine, Dr. Bennett stated that she often received referrals from other physicians that don’t want to work with patients from the LGBTQIA+ community. Dr. Bennett recounts a time when she received a patient that was turned away from a physician just because he asked for PrEP.  Dr. Bennett also spoke on a case where a young LGBTQ person experienced an overdose and was dumped off by her non-supportive father in their Emergency Room and then left the country. This shows the need for more gender-affirming and LGBTQIA+ Trained professionals.

Dr. Kelly Bennett remains a key and essential part of LGBTQ care in Texas and the surrounding areas. She receives high satisfaction ratings from her patients. 

Publications and works: 


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