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Guadalupe "Lupe" Valdez

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Guadalupe "Lupe" Valdez

“From migrant farmworker to U.S. National Guard Captain, federal agent to the very proud Sheriff of the good people of Dallas County, I’ve dedicated my life to defending Texans and I’m not done yet.”


Lupe Valdez is the former Sheriff of Dallas County and Gubernatorial Candidate that ran against Greg Abbott in the 2018 election. She was Dallas’s first Latina, openly lesbian candidate nominated in a primary race by a major party. 


Early Life


Lupe Valdez came from a large family, the youngest sibling of 10 children. Lupe was determined in her education earning her bachelor's degree in Business from Southern Nazarene University. This achievement didn’t come easy for Lupe, she often had to work two jobs to pay for her education. (Add more info). Furthermore, Lupe worked to achieve a master’s degree from UT- Arlington in Criminology while simultaneously working as a federal agent. She lived by the motto Educar para elevar, Educate to elevate.



Professional Career

Lupe rose through the ranks of the criminal justice system starting out in the national guard, then moving on to becoming a federal agent. She retired from this role to run and serve as Dallas County’s Sheriff. Her role as Dallas County’s Sherriff worked to address the systematic issues of the criminal justice system such as overcrowding, understaffing, and unsanitary conditions. After a hard-working career in law enforcement, Lupe Valdez ran for governor against Greg Abbott in the 2018 gubernatorial election for Texas. Lupe Valdez secured 42.5% of the vote but lost to Greg Abbott in the 2018 election.


Lupe Valdez is a dedicated servant of the community of Dallas as well as the larger state of Texas. In the 2016 democratic convention, Lupe spoke about what her experience was like being the youngest of a large family. She also spoke about police brutality and how Americans need to stop yelling at each other and start listening to one another. Lupe Valdez took pride in being a sheriff and was dedicated to improving the police’s role in the community saying at the Democratic convention “ We put on our badge every day to serve and protect, not to hate and discriminate”.





2018 gubernatorial website: 

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