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Kirk Myers

King of Hearts

Kirk Myers

CEO of Abounding Prosperity and Dallas Southern Pride, Kirk Meyers has dedicated his life to providing services to the LGBTQIA+ community. He currently serves as the CEO of the Abounding Prosperity company which was formed in response to a public health emergency for Black men and Black families in the Dallas Texas area.

Myers’s advocacy journey started when he was diagnosed in 1998 with HIV. He stated that after he found his voice and felt more empowered, he teamed up with other advocacy groups like the Resistance III and eventually found abounding prosperity in 2005.

Kirk stated in an interview with Dallas Voices that we need to work on educating people internally, within our communities and families, before we start to branch out. He stated that his own family is a clear example of this, his mother hesitated at first to support Kirk’s sexuality, stating “She didn’t want a gay son”. Kirk and his mother were able to heal this bond and eventually receive her support in founding Abounding prosperity. However, Kirk is cognizant of the inequalities and diversity of struggles within the black and LGBTQIA community. Kirk then said in this interview while Marriage equality is important, they are folks in the Black community that are also part of the LGBTQIA community that is more focused on obtaining housing, employment, or protecting their physical safety first.

The educational outreach Kirk participates in is a critical piece of his agency's mission. After famous rapper Da Baby spread misinformation about HIV rates in the LGBTQ community, Kirk invited Da Baby to tour the Abounding Prosperity facility and educated him on the types of services that Abounding Prosperity provides.

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