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Del Shores

Jack of Spades

Del Shores

Del Shores is a writer and producer including films like Sordid Lives and Southern Baptist Sissy, working with esteemed actors like Leslie Jordan and Olivia Newton-John. Del Shores is an avid Gay Rights Activist and often includes these themes and gay rights positions in his plays. 

Del Shores was born in Winters, Texas, in 1957. His career took off with the play and short film Daddy’s Dyin’ (Who got the will?). This short film won many awards in the 1990s, spotlighting Del Shores' work. Del Shores is a dedicated gay rights activist using screenplays and films as his avenue to comment on the discriminatory actions of institutions and LGBTQ life in the South. 


Del Shores founded the Del Shores Foundation to help LGBT writers get exposure and financial support. Del stated that after mentoring a young LGBTQ writer with their short film, he and his team got together and brainstormed how to provide that mentorship to other LGBTQ southern writers. The Del Shores Foundation has a writer's contest, where LGBT+ writers submit their work and then are eligible for cash prizes and grants to have their work produced. 


The awards that Del Shores has earned over 33 awards including,

In 2000- Best Feature for the film Sordid Lives

2021- Best screenwriting and Best Screenplay

2021- Filmarker Career Achievement Award.  

Notable works

Sordid Lives (Writer and Director) 

Sordid life the series (Writer and Director)

Southern Baptist Sissies (Writer and Director) 

Queer as Folk (Episode writer) 

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