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"Girls just wanna have fun!"

Art can be defined in many ways and takes many forms; overall art is defined by the impact it has on someone, which means drag is no exception. Drag is a dazzling form of art that has the power to inspire self-love and acceptance and that is exactly what Dede Camacho has done. Dede Camacho is a drag performer, activist, and coordinator of Drag Queen Story Hour at the Borderland Rainbow Center.

Moroni De Anda, AKA Dede Camacho, is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She started working for the Borderland Rainbow Center in 2020. The BRC is a local community space and outreach organization for the LGBTQI+ people and their allies, of which Queen Dede is currently the coordinator of the El Paso Chapter of Drag Queen Story Hour. Drag Queen Story Hour is a glamorous take on story-time where Drag Queens read stories to children and adults to teach them acceptance and diversity. DGSH was created in San Francisco in 2015, and since then this amazing organization has grown and now has several chapters all around the world, including the El Paso DQSH Chapter which was founded in 2019 by Alison Westermann, the Borderland Rainbow Center, and representatives of the El Paso Public Library system.

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On January 30th, 2021, Dede Camacho was booked to host a five-year-old girl's birthday party. Upon her arrival, Dede was greeted by the birthday girl with so much love and enthusiasm that her mother recorded the greeting and posted it on TikTok where the video received 4 million views.

Dede’s puppeteering, lip-syncing, and dancing have earned her a place in the hearts of not only her fans at storytime but also the hearts of the nation. Even the global pandemic could not get in the way of Dede’s love and dedication for her work. Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, Dede continued Story Time virtually to uphold the BRC’s safe social distancing practices.

Dede uses her many talents and amazing personality to advocate and perform for her community. She performs at various clubs and community events such as El Paso Pride and other BRC hosted events. She is currently an ambassador for Drag Out the Vote, a nonprofit organization that works alongside drag performers to encourage voting participation.


Today, Dede continues to excite her diverse audience with her outgoing personality, talent, and beauty. Her work is a constant reminder to live life unapologetically for yourself.

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