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JesÚs Gregorio Smith

"The reality is that for queer men of color, finding a home is no easy feat."

Activist, educator, writer, and dancer are only a few ways to describe Dr. Jesus Smith and his many contributions to academia, the Borderland, and society. Dr. Smith is currently an Assistant professor of the Ethnic Studies department at Lawrence University in Wisconsin ( ).


Dr. Smith is from El Paso, Texas. He earned both his B.A in Psychology in 2010, and his Master's in Sociology in 2012, at the University of Texas at El Paso. In 2017, he received his Ph.D. in Sociology at Texas A&M University. Dr. Smith worked at UTEP as a teaching assistant for the Sociology department. During his time at UTEP, Dr. Smith was involved in several clubs and organizations. He helped found and was the first intern for UTEP’s Rainbow Miner Initiative and served as both president and vice president of the Queer Student Alliance which allowed him to organize and create UTEP’s Queer History month on campus. Dr. Smith even contributed his own story to the “Engendering Community” oral history project and museum exhibit which focused on the personal experiences of the LGBTQ Borderland community 

( ). Dr. Smith established UTEP’s Queer Leadership and Academic Conference and was head of the Rainbow Miner Initiative LGBTQ speaker’s bureau SpeakOUT group. SpeakOUT served as a chance for the LGBTQ community and their allies to tell their stories about how their sexuality and sexual orientation impacted their lives. Jesus was also one the co-founders of Delta Lambda Phi colony, which lead to a chapter at UTEP.  Delta Lambda Phi is a queer and progressive men’s fraternity.

While Dr. Smith was working towards obtaining his Ph.D., he began working as a graduate instructor for the sociology department at Texas A&M. After earning his Ph.D., Dr. Smith started working as an Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies at Lawrence University in Wisconsin in 2017.

Throughout his many years in academia, Dr. Smith has written, presented, and published several book reviews, essays, and journal entries. His areas of study focus on the kinds of effects race, gender, sexuality, and the internet have on a person’s life and sexual health habits. Some of his writing  has made appearances on The Washington Post, BBC, and Vice 

( ). Dr. Smith continues to have a growing list of published academic articles and book chapters.  

Dr. Smith’s contributions in the classroom and society have earned him several awards and honors including the UTEP Women’s Studies Rainbow Graduation Reception Student Leadership Award in 2010, for his work on campus related to Queer Academics. In 2019, he received the Lawrence University Beta Psi Nu Chapter Faculty Excellence Award. Dr. Smith is also an Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) Andrew W. Mellon Fellow and has won a Woodrow Wilson National Foundation Career Enhancement Fellowship for Junior Faculty.  He was recently awarded the Lawrence University Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award in 2020, for his efforts to promote diversity, self-expression, and academic and personal success.


Dr. Smith recently danced for the “Shall We Dance?” community event organized by the Sexual Assault Crisis Center- Fox Cities to raise money to continue providing services to the survivors and their families. He was named a 2021 Fox Cities Future 15 Young Professional. In this role he will act as an ambassador to recruit and retain talented young professionals in the Fox City region. 

No matter where he goes, Dr. Smith continues to use the power of knowledge, advocacy, and inclusion to positively influence the people, community, and world around him.



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