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Jesus S. Ramos

Jesus Ramos

Jesus Ramos is a community advocate, activist, and politician from El Paso, Texas. Jesus is most known for his contributions to the local LGBTQ+ community and movement through advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, educating the public on important issues which impact LGBTQ+ individuals, and his role within the Borderland Rainbow Center.


Jesus Ramos was born in Ciudad Juárez and immigrated to El Paso as a child. He attended school within the Borderland and is an alumnus of Northwest Early College. Jesus’s work with the community and LGBTQ+ advocacy began around 2017. Within the span of the last few years, Jesus has attended, marched, and spoke in support of the local LGBTQ+ community at two Pride fests. He has also advocated for issues that affect El Paso as a Frontera (border) city such as LGBTQ+ rights, gun sense, equity in public education, and the fight against systemic racism. When he began working with organizations across the city, one being his very own organization for the youth called Jesus S. Ramos for El Paso, he felt there was a crucial need for the younger generation to realize it’s okay to be different if one is happy with themselves and the path they choose in life. 

Within Jesus’s organization, he and his team develop various charity events throughout the year. They also volunteer with non-profit organizations in El Paso to assist them in their events. In 2019, Jesus organized J&R Mission, a mission to pay tribute to his late father, Juan Ramos, and his battle against cancer. To honor him, Jesus hosted a Toy Drive which was open to the entire community of El Paso. With the help of community non-profit organizations, sponsors and community members donated their time, money, and toys, to make this charity drive happen. The toys donated to this drive were given to Providence Children’s Hospital and the Child Crisis Center of El Paso. Additionally, Jesus has also recognized victories within the LGBTQ+ movement on his organization’s social media. 

Jesus also works in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign, an organization established in 1980 which supports LGBTQ+ individuals, allies, and institutions with resources via a set of comprehensive programs. Jesus works alongside the HRC by advocating for equality for everyone by reaching out to Congress and Senate to pass bills that defend, protect, and highlight the LGBTQ+ community. He is currently pursuing a BA in political science at New Mexico State University and joined the Board of Directors for the Borderland Rainbow Center as a Youth Advocate member. Jesus continues to fulfill El Paso’s community needs through activism, advocacy, and his involvement with LGBTQ+ centered organizations. His efforts are a great example of how young people can create big impacts within his community. 

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