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el paso sun city pride

"Initially founded over a decade ago, our mission has always been to increase the LGBT community’s visibility. In doing so, we have helped many individuals come to places of tolerance and acceptance."

El Paso Sun City Pride (EPSCP) serves as the El Paso region’s largest LGBTQ+ non-profit organization. Founded in 2007, EPSCP has strived for over 10 years to increase the LGBTQ+ community’s visibility within the surrounding area. In doing so, EPSCP has helped members of the community come to places of tolerance and acceptance. EPSCP’s Board of Directors is made up of a team that is dedicated to serving the local LGBTQ+ community in a positive and inclusive way. The current Board of Directors includes President Edward Gallardo III, Vice President Nadine Wolf, Volunteer Co-Directors J. Hunter Nelson, and Diamond Briseno; Secretary Alfredo 

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“Freddy” Ramirez Jr., Treasurer Oliver Day, Entertainment Director Dave Castillo, Merchandise & Website Director Christopher J. Eck, Sponsorship Director Raul Martinez III, Community Outreach Co-Director Richard Brethour-Bell, Pride Parade Co-Directors Richard Nunez-Rupert and Carlos Salias; Special Events Co-Director Stephen Serrano, and Festival Co-Directors Andres Jacquez and Gabriel Guevara.

EPSCP organizes a variety of community-engaging events, most notably including El Paso’s Pridefest Block Party and Sun City Pride Parade, which take place annually in the heart of downtown El Paso. Over the years EPSCP has been active, Pridefest has extended beyond a one-day event to include a full month of events around El Paso during Pride month. These events range from adult-oriented to family-friendly, taking place at Southwest University Stadium with the Chihuahuas and Locomotives, Wet n Wild Waterworld, local bars and music venues. EPSCP even hosts charitable events such as food and clothing drives.

What the local community perceived as a seemingly small Pride parade and street festival in 2007 has now evolved into a nationally recognized month-long celebration showcasing El Paso and its surrounding areas’ LGBTQ+ community. Not only has Pridefest brought together members of the community for entertainment, food, and fun, but also to raise awareness about important issues and risks impacting the LGBTQ+ community. El Paso’s ever-growing Pridefest is now recognized as the largest Pride Celebration in West Texas. ESCP maintains their belief that “individuals who believe in justice, individual self-respect, freedom of expression, and cultural diversity should support its programs and projects.” Through their organization of community-engaging events and genuine dedication to the El Paso community, EPSCP continues to contribute to the local LGBTQ+ movement in every way possible, further progressing a society of equality. 

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