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Mayra Fierro

Eight of Hearts

Mayra Fierro

“An Unstoppable Badass”

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Mayra Fierro was kicked out of her home at the age of 17 after coming out to her parents. In an interview with Lambda weekly, Fierro stated that she had everything going for her until her parents kicked her out during her first year of college. During this period in her life, she experienced a massive number of difficulties and barriers that young people face. Fierro states that she could not obtain employment at a local bank with benefits and a steady pay rate because of her age and that if a job like this had been available to her, she would have felt a sense of stability in her life. She credits these lived experiences as the key inspiration for returning to the public arena and advocating on behalf of young people. Fierro goes on to affirm that young people need support and resources in their journey saying that “she hears it takes a village to raise a child, but I haven’t seen a village.”


Fierro stated that she was “couch surfing” at friends' or relatives' houses to avoid the streets and the cold. When asked how she changed her life to get out of being homeless Fierro responded with an encouraging and inspiring answer stating that she had time to reflect and come to the realization that there was NOTHING wrong with her life, but rather she wasn’t receiving adequate support at home. She realized that she was on top of her game and had everything going for her but that the experience of being homeless was temporary and wouldn’t be the end of her story. Mayra took a lesser-paying job and formed relationships with friends while couch surfing. She stated that she wasn’t just staying there but helping with groceries and aiding wherever she could. Eventually, she worked her way up in her job and was able to get more stable as time went on.

Work and dedication

Mayra Fierro is a key player when it comes to policy advocacy and legislation in the Dallas area. She is passionate about laws and legislation that affect young people and the LGBTQ community. She is also the founder of the Cereal and Civil Rights space hosted at the Vellum Book Store in Dallas, Texas. Fierro adds that visitors to the group should expect to enjoy Cereal, Cartoons, and conversations surrounding some of the most pressing matters that face Texas. Mayra is also active with the DACA organizations and many other social services organizations. Mayra considered herself a “hands-on Volunteer '', Stating in the interview with Lambda '' If you need me to translate, I’m there, If you need me to help unload your truck, I’m there. “Youth Orgs (Organizations) know me to be on call if they need me to cover and sit in with a youth, I’m down.”

Link to Interview with Mayra Fierro:

Deep Vellum Bookstore: 3000 COMMERCE STREET DALLAS, TX, 75226

Facebook Group Cereal and Civil Rights:

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